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"Mission de Vie" is a new congregation with a Patriarchal right, started in 1993 on the initiative of its founder the general father Wissam Maalouf and under the guidance of Father Ambrose el Hajj. Includes priests, brothers and sisters dedicate their lives to God by the vows of obedience, chastity and poverty, within the framework of consecration, who was launched on 18 June 2000. They witness the infinite and free love of God through spreading the word of life in the heart of the world, particularly for the youth, and through the service of the poorest among the poor without any discrimination in gender, race and religion.

The community also includes volunteers who are helping from their positions in supporting the community's mission, according to their time and their abilities.
Its laws have been confirmed by His Eminence Youssef Beshara, Archbishop of the Antelias Maronite Diocese through a decree that he has issued on May 30 2006. He gave the community a legal personality and agreed later on the amendment of some of its laws' clauses to be in harmony with the development of the community life. In the beginning of 2012, we have started to review the spirituality and laws of the community with His Eminence Archbishop Hanna Alwan with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Mar Bechara Botros Al Rahi. They have been reformulated and afterwards the community was granted the Patriarchal right on the 7th of April 2013.

The Formation
The formation in the community is distributed in three phases:

The first fraternal life (novice):
The novitiate lasts for two years after which the brother (or sister) pronounces his first vows and moves to live in the fraternity of the students in the convent of providence – Adma.

The study phase and the beginning of the engagement in the mission's life (fraternity of Jesus the word):
This phase extends over five years, where it is added to the special school of life formation, the studies of philosophy and theology with the possibility of studying another major, as needed, in addition to the training on the life of the mission and experiencing the service near the poorest among the poor.

The permanent formation:
After these seven years, the brother (or sister) announces his permanent vows and pursuits formations permanently.

A priest in the service of the community:
The community select, from her sons who announced their permanent vows, brothers to do the priestly service in her convents.
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