You are welcome daily in our convents during the following times:

Between half past eight o'clock in the morning and noon and between the third and a half and six-thirty in the afternoon.

- Weekly mass: Tuesday's evening at seven and a half in the new life convent- Antelias.

- The community organizes a silent spiritual retreat every third week - End of the month in the convent of providence, for the youth who want to deepen their relationship with Christ and discern his will in their lives.

- Streets' mission calendar: every Thursday between three o'clock in the afternoon until seven in the evening, and on Friday every 15 days at the same time.

- The new birth's meeting on the twenty-fourth of December of each year between nine o'clock before noon until two o'clock pm in the hall of Mar Elias church at Antelias.

- Dates of school of life for volunteers:

 In the mother house – Antelias:
o Every Monday at eight o'clock in the evening: formation classes.
o On Fridays every 15 days (first and third Friday of the month): A variety of spiritual, human and social topics, entertainment meetings ...

 In the convent of providence – Adma:
o Every Thursday at eight o'clock in the evening: formation classes

- Dates of youth of life :

 In the saint Georges school – Zalka: every Friday between four and five and a half in the afternoon.
 In the cross parish – Jeita: every Friday between five and a half and seven o'clock in the evening.

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