Community's Mission
Since it saw the light and the community "mission de vie" is working on the following objectives:

- The Close service near the poorest among the poor through opening welcome houses to receive neglected and abandoned persons, without distinction of color, age, race, sex and religion. This is done through the receiving and taking care of them at short, medium or long-term, according to their need, and helping them to regain their dignity and their self-confidence, and then guiding and helping them to get involved again in the society and the environment thanks to the technical and social program.

- The word's mission with the youth through the permanent formation for them, especially in the "school of life for the volunteers," which provides them with the opportunity to meet and deepen in the word of life, in addition to living the service near the poor and organizing formation and mission camps around the year.

- Summer camps organized by the community in the most areas in need, to live rich experiences with the families of neglected villages: visiting the families, meetings with the youth, evangelical nights to go deeper in the Word of God, prayer meetings.

- Streets mission is based on going towards the slums in order to search for needy families and seek to provide their needs in accordance with the possibilities of the community.

New Life House
The new life house provides a permanent presence over 24 hours, and receives for free the poorest among the poor, the forgotten, and the homeless, without any discrimination of color, race or religion. The brothers and sisters provide different needs on spiritual, physical, hygienically, social, educational, psychological and other levels. As for the persons that we receive in our house are:

- Those who do not have a fixed residence and abandoned and neglected.
- Those who are at risk of homelessness or deviation or abuse.
- Those who suffer from family and community rejection.
- Foreign children who suffer abuse, homelessness and neglect.
- Children who have lost their parents or suffering from a lack of their parents' periodical presence (travel, prison...).
- Who do not have identification papers and suffer from difficult social situations.
- Youth who have followed the rehabilitation program in a locked center (juvenile prison for example) and they need to help achieve their individual project.
The Providence Hospital

Because it believes in the absolute value of human and in life's power, the community provides through the Providence Hospital the following services:

- Providing palliative care free of charge and without discrimination to the poor patients in the last period of their lives, by relieving pain and treating health symptoms by specialized medical means.
- Spiritual and psychological accompaniment and creating an oasis of prayer and participation.
- Providing cultural and entertainment programs and crafts and artistically workshops.
- Social, educational and psychological care and assistance in achieving the life's project and activating the energies and talents of the girls.

Streets Mission

Jesus the life fraternity goes with a group of volunteers to the poor neighborhoods in various areas of Lebanon to search for poor families and seek to provide their basic needs according to its potential.
The fraternity invites these families to a monthly special meeting for them where the fraternity distribute food rations and clothing, in an atmosphere of joy and peace.

The community also meets with these families on the Christmas night every year in the "new birth" meeting where we share together a charity dinner with the distribution of gifts.

Villages's Mission
The fraternity goes during the year, especially during the summer towards different regions and villages in Lebanon, especially in neglected villages, in order to testify for the word of God according to the community's spirituality and special charisma. The program includes visits to families in their homes, in addition to special youth meetings. Many of the volunteers and the youth of school of life participate with the brothers and sisters in this mission, which contributes to the activation of their energies and talents.
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