The New Life Convent - General Fraternity
This convent has been inaugurated on the 25th of October 2008 in Antelias. It includes the general fraternity as the general father and his Council in addition to the studying brothers who are currently at universities and some of the brothers and sisters who announced their permanent vows and they pursue the service and the mission.

This fraternity receives abandoned and forgotten people, the poorest among the poor, without any distinction of color, age, gender and religion, but it goes towards each and every human.

Mother House
The community settled in this house between 1998 and 2008. In this house was established the first fraternity to receive and host the poorest among the poor on the 29th of April 2001. After moving to the New Life Convent, the Mother House was transformed into the School of Life for the volunteers. In September 2012, the Fraternity Jesus the Life has launched the Streets' Mission, Villages' mission and the School of Life for the volunteers, and took the Mother House as its headquarters.
The Divine Providence Convent
The community has set up the convent and the hospital of providence to receive the poor patients in the last period of their lives, and girls aged twelve years and above that have finished the first phase of their program in the new life convent in Antelias.

The workshop reconstruction was launched in September 2011 and by the holy providence the convent was inaugurated on June 7, 2014 under the patronage of His Beatitude, Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros el Raii

By the initiative of Mrs. Majida el Roumy, the godparent of this convent, which joined our community as a secularist volunteer, peace and non-violence movement was launched in order to work on spreading the culture of love and forgiveness and universal brotherhood that go beyond all limits.

First Fraternal Life
When a brother (or sister) decides to belong to mission of life's community to consecrate himself to Christ, he joins the first fraternal life, which means the novice.

After wearing the vestment begins the experience of novice which lasts two years and includes:
- Special formation in the school of life for brothers and sisters.
- Silent personal times during the day to meditate his vocation and discerning it and doing the dialogue with Jesus.
- Close Accompaniment by the spiritual accompanier.
- Times for fraternal participation to deepen the fraternal life.

After those two years, the Brother (or sister) announce his first vows and moves to the special study fraternity (fraternity Jesus the word).
The Source of Life Convent
It is the convent of permanent formation and spiritual retreats for brothers and sisters. It is situated in the region of Al Machraa - Baskinta. The brothers and sisters go to this convent for meditation, prayers and formation in order to be fully prepared again for their mission.

Currently, the community embarked on a project to expand the convent with the construction of a special wing for the reception during the summer period of the categories with which the community works. The convent receives also youth volunteers and committed families within special programs dedicated to them all over the year.
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