The volunteers
The volunteers play a significant role in our life, because they constitute the support for the community in her service and mission. The volunteers are distributed between collaborators and committed. The committed volunteers follow the formation in the School of Life for the volunteers, as for the collaborators they aim to provide the different needs and services, each according to his talent, major, capability and time. Among the volunteers there are the Youth volunteers, the committed families, the committed ladies, the medical team and the psychologists… And the way is always open for everyone who likes to help the community to achieve its goals.
Youth Of Life
The "youth of life" includes young men and women between the ages of 13 and 17 years old, trying to live the spirituality of the community "mission de vie" through delving deeper in the gospel's radicalism and how to testify the Christ's love in the world of today. We meet with those youth in schools and parishes, according to the annual calendar.
When the person ends up his formation in the youth of life, he moves to the school of life for volunteers to continue his formation.

The mission with the youth is designed to:

- Formation for youth to get to know the person of Christ and imitate him (spiritual dimension).
- Growing in the Christ through forming a properly balanced personality (humanitarian dimension).
- Getting involved in the church in a positive way(canonical dimension).
- Living the community's life and experience's sharing (community's dimension).
- Going towards others in a dynamic apostolic life (social dimension).

The youth of life includes currently two branches:
- Saint Georges school – Zalka
- The Cross' parish – Jeita

It is currently preparing for the launch of a new branch in St. Joseph School - Qornet Shehwan.

The School of Life for the Volunteers
The "school of life for the volunteers" was established in 2009 in order to provide spiritual and humanitarian formation for the youth so they can delve deeper into the bible and the community's spirituality to help them live their Christian faith openly to every person, in addition to participating in the community's various activities. The "school of life" special meetings and activities take place in the community's convents, according to the community's annual calendar.

The formation affects three dimensions:

1- Spiritual formation :
- Delving deeper in the bible.
- Identifying the community's charisma and spirituality.

2- Humanitarian formation :
- Practicing on communication and leadership, programming and planning, activating and groups leading, resolving conflicts…

3- Apostolic formation:
- Going with the youth to the mission in villages.
- Living the service near the poor.

After four years of formation and participation in the "school of life "activities, the student volunteer graduate and follow the permanent formation, responsibilities and services that the graduated volunteers do, as formation and activating the "youth of life" meetings in churches and schools, and supporting the brothers and sisters in the service of the poor and neglected people that the community receives in its convents, and the participation in organizing and implementing the mission in villages, and other activities.

We invite all young men and women who are looking for how to live the word of life in their daily lives and want to embody the culture of love, peace and non-violence, to join us, so we testify together that young people are the future of the Church and that real change starts with the internal shift towards the goal and the substance, towards Christ.

For more information about the school of life for the volunteers, you can visit the Facebook page: Ecole de vie

Committed Ladies
They are ladies who believe in the community's mission and want to help the poor from their positions. They gather once a week to delve deeper into spiritual formation and they help by insuring the different needs of the community, especially when it comes to the poor families targeted by the Streets' Mission. The committed ladies are interested in securing the monthly food rations distributed to families, as well as providing whatever is needed for the New Birth gathering which takes place on the 24th of December of every year.
Committed Families
Believing in the role of the family and its importance in building a society that respects human dignity and value, the community created a framework for committed families. These families meet to deepen the spiritual and human formation, in addition to their participation in the different community's activities to support it in its mission.
Whatever were your faith
Whatever were your faith and your religion, your believes and your way of thinking… the cause of the Man and his dignity and his rights gathers us… together we struggle for a better society and for a world more beautiful, full of love and goodness, of joy and peace… hand in hand we can overcome the differences between us in order to meet and build the culture of life and the civilization of Love.
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